Instructor - Senpai Jojina Bennett

Nidan Grade

I started taking karate lessons much later in life than I intended, as unfortunately I knew no one who did karate until I emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1997.

When my daughter Sian was 8, we joined a club in the North Shore and we both loved karate! Although not during the first 2 weeks of training as everything hurt. Karate trains both sides of your body as well as your mind, gets you reacting and thinking fast.

We all moved to England with Chris in 2006 where we joined a different style, but you learn that each karate style has something different to teach and I’m grateful to all my Senseis. It wasn’t until 2010 when we returned to Auckland that we (Sian, Zak and I) properly joined Jyoshinmon.

I’ve been so lucky being able to train and compete with our family-run club, and it has given us the opportunity to experience different places and meet some amazing people who have become friends for life.

“A family that slays together, stays together.” :-)

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