Instructor - Senpai Sian Bennett-Motuliki

Nidan Grade

I started Karate when I was 7 years old. My mother, Jojina, wanted to learn self-defence and for my brother Zak and I to learn too. It was one of the best decisions of our lives, in more ways than one. Karate gave us knowledge, confidence, and above all, family.

Karate is a lifelong journey of learning, both of the Martial Art and of personal growth. It has made me a better person and kept my mind open. It also made me more resilient and built up my confidence at time in my life I really needed it. I have been incredibly blessed to have travelled the world learning Martial Arts and have made more than lifelong friends through it, I have found family.

For me Karate is about connection, to yourself, to history, and to others. It is a rich tradition of building yourself up to help others do the same. It is also a crucial part of my wellbeing, it requires full focus of body and mind so when I’ve had a hard day, it helps me to recentre myself. I always recommend Karate to others as I hope it will bring others the life-changing growth and joy it has given me.
I usually provide cover for the competition training sessions on Saturdays at the NEW LYNN DOJO.

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