Instructor - Shihan David Bennett

Rokudan Ho Grade

Shihan David Bennett

He has been the President of the Jyoshinmon organisation in New Zealand since 1990. He started with Jyoshinmon in 1971 and gained his Shodan in 1981. Subsequent grades with Nidan in 1984, Sandan in 1986, Yondan in 2000, and Godan in 2012 when he attended the Ascension Ceremony of Ai Ikeda

David first visited Japan in 1986 and this was followed by many more visits such as 45th Jyoshinmon Anniversary Festival held in Tokyo in 2014, and the 50th Jyoshinmon Anniversary in Kagoshima where he received his Rokudan Ho grading certificate.

David was married in 1970. His wife Beaty started training in 1975. Their son Chris was born in 1979 and is one of the club’s Renshi (master instructor) and has been one of New Zealand’s top competitors.

He teaches at the New Lynn Dojo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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